What's a GigaCode?

Hello, World!

Hi! I'm Brandon. To those of you who already know me, welcome! To those who don't, here's a "who am I" speedrun:

  • My name is Brandon

  • I work in the MSP (Managed Service Provider) Industry

  • You may know me from my work at eTop Technology

  • Originally from Arizona, now living in California

  • Outside of tech, I enjoy making/performing music and general "Maker" stuff (3D Printing, various electronics projects, resurrecting dead old hardware)

What to expect here

I've spent a lot of time working on new and exciting tech, many of which don't have great step-by-step guides or content about the "why" of how things work. If I've already done the work to understand, implement, and promote new solutions, why should anyone else have to go through the same work? That's the spirit of this blog. I'll be writing about stuff I find super cool and exciting, and providing you the knowledge to implement it on your own.

Getting in touch

Best way to reach me is via giga@gigacode.dev. Shoot me an email any time! You'll also find me on Discord as @gigacode, Mastodon as @gigacode@infosec.exchange, and Threads as @gigacodedev.

I do not have a Twitter account!

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