The Human Side of Tech

It's not all about computers and automation

Technology is cool, right? But what's even cooler are the hard working folks who keep that technology running every day. Chances are, if you're reading this you fall into that group of hard working people.

Unfortunately, the human aspect of this industry is often overlooked. My goal of this section is to be an open and honest collection of deep-dives into different mindsets and habits, and how to provide upkeep to your mental health.

When it comes to mental health in particular, if you know me you know I'm a very open book with that if someone wants to talk. I think normalizing open discussions about topics such as mental health that had been previously stigmatized is incredibly important.

Hotlines can provide free and fast access to help if you need support yourself or need help supporting a friend. If you're concerned about a friend, please encourage them to contact a hotline as well. Many now support SMS text messages if you prefer to message or otherwise cannot speak on the phone.

This site contains a list of global support hotlines, including multiple countries and types of help. There is a Quick Exit button provided if searching for help may cause further conflict. Services are verified and vetted by ThoughtLine Ltd to ensure they are legitimate and operational.

While I am not a professional, I have been through my fair share of struggles, and believe being open and willing to talk to others can be a good resource as well. I can't promise that I'll make things better, but I can promise to listen and relate where possible.

If you have an immediate crisis, please use the resources linked above. But, if you just need someone to chat with, I've opened my DMs on Discord for the @gigacode account

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